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About Marcoux-Hince Consultants


Accountability & Performance

We teach people how to get into real discussions and generate behaviours that impact accountability, performance and the bottom line for your organization.



Accelerated Learning

Our accelerated teaching methods expand how most learners think and how they experience work.



Innovative Concepts

We’ll expose you to new and challenging concepts and behaviours that support your professional growth and technical know-how.


Our highly successful programs integrate leadership, management and process skills that lead to increased organizational performance.

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Some of our Core Competencies


We use of processes and methods that help your team(s) to achieve its desired outputs efficiently and effectively by overcoming internal obstacles, discovering new ideas, and building productive relationships. We help your teams achieve outputs and results efficiently and effectively.

Keynote Speaker

Our acclaimed keynote presentation “Fully Engaged and Wired” is pertinent and adapted to your audience. We tailor it for any organizational level, for special events, or for your professional association. Roland will challenge you, surprise you and laugh with you. He will engage your people in your vision and mission.

Leadership Development

Successful leaders know that respect does not happen overnight. They adopt the mindset of purposeful behaviour to be discerning and respectful of everyone. These leaders give more to others and to their organization than they take. We will help you learn these skills so you can become an even more successful leader.


When you invest in your people you create alignment and congruence between their work and their lives – you provide more meaning about work, and you re-enforce and strengthen readiness for any amount of skills, processes, and knowledge development that your organization will ever need.

Change and Transition

Change is a fact of organizational life. Ignoring change is to place the future of your organization at risk. Your organization can adapt to change by learning to manage it. Helping people transition through change is an important component of an overall change plan that we will develop with you.

Conference Leader

A successful conference comes together when the purpose, the process and the participants are clear about outputs. Collecting the conference data is as important as the invitation list and expected participants.

Team Effectiveness

Team members recognize that they need each other’s expertise, abilities and commitment in order to achieve mutual goals, and believe that working together leads to better results. Our interventions can help identify and resolve your stagnant teams’ progress and restore their harmony and efficiency.

Organizational Development

Organizational culture and work climate is driven by a deep and profound desire by everyone to excel when it comes to customer satisfaction. We’ll show you management practices such as problem solving and action planning that are shared and consistently aligned with your organization’s mission.

Organizational Productivity

A globally competitive marketplace requires different thinking and different behaviour. Research, continuous improvement, faster turn-around times, lowered production costs, improved reliability, quality and more is what matters in this global market. Our systems will help you become that world-class organization that you know you can be.

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What our clients are saying…

  • Thank you for making this a great learning experience for our people.

    Denis Hamel, CEO
    Business Network International

  • “Outstanding!”

    Pauline Sauvé
    ISO Specialist / Facilitator

  • Mindset is an appropriate topic and your High Performance High Passion (HP)2  program  has incorporated that very well. It will encourage and promote domestic and international trade.

    John Treleavan, B.A. PhD (hon) CITP
    Former Ambassador to the Philippines
    The Treleaven Consulting Group Ltd, BC
    Director, Forum For International Trade Training, Ottawa
    Director and Vice Chair of the Board Canadian Council For Africa
    Member Community Development Commission at Town of Sidney, BC

  • The Marcoux Hince approach  helps to solve the difficult personnel and operational issues. Especially when, for various reasons, issues unspoken and unresolved can end up on the back burner.

    Peter A. Goodman — CEO TMS Team Manufacturing Solutions

  • He really delivers the goods!

    Peter Goodman
    Manufacturing Specialist

  • His engaging manner, humour and innovative approach to the topic make him a come again speaker and trainer. He is always highly appreciated.

    Yvan Lupien — CEO

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